5 Situations Where Chiropractic Care Makes a Difference

It is estimated that around 30 million Americans per year seek chiropractic care. The reasons why all these people go to the chiropractor vary greatly, and can be very specific to the individual and his or her ailments and lifestyle. Below are some of the most common reasons people visit chiropractors and receive treatment that helps alleviate pain and return to a comfortable and active lifestyle.

1. Chronic back pain

Easily the most common situation that brings patients to a chiropractor is chronic back or neck pain. While this pain can be caused by a variety of situations, a qualified chiropractor will be able to assess the root of the pain, and implement treatment to help alleviate discomfort. If you have back pain that prevents you from participating in physical activity, sleeping through the night, or merely enjoying your life, consider seeing a chiropractor.

2. Headaches

Many people don’t make the connection between headaches and spinal alignment, but there is often a causal relationship here. This can be especially true for people who sit at a desk hunched over a computer all day which contributes to improper posture and tension in the neck and back. If you suffer from frequent headaches, start by incorporating regular stretching into your day and drinking plenty of water. If the pain continues, consider visiting a chiropractor to see what treatment might be appropriate.

3. Whiplash

Whiplash often occurs as a result of being in a car accident, but can also happen while participating in a sport or other physical activity. Sometimes, the pain that can result from whiplash does not register immediately, causing some victims to assume they don’t need any care. That said, damage can be long term — and can worsen over time if not dealt with promptly. For those reasons, it is in one’s best interest to visit a chiropractor for an initial assessment and spinal realignment as needed.

4. Pregnancy pain

It is very common for pregnant women to suffer from aches and pains that may be entirely new to them. Often these pains are related to improper alignment of the spine that becomes exacerbated (or originates) during pregnancy. As expectant mothers have very limited options when it comes to taking medications for pain, a visit to a chiropractor can be a great option in providing relief without medication.

5. Finding a Qualified Chiropractor
If you suffer from any of these ailments or others, you might benefit from consulting a chiropractor and seeking to have your questions answered before beginning any treatment. If you’re wondering how to find a good chiropractor, start by asking your primary care physician or insurance provider for recommendations of chiropractors near you. It’s also a good idea to ask around with friends and family to find out if anyone you know has had success with a chiropractor that they can recommend. While chiropractic care can provide relief in a variety of situations, the benefits are only as powerful as the quality of care you receive, so it’s important to visit a certified and reputable chiropractic specialist.