5 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Who doesn’t look forward to a good vacation? This is your time to rest, rejuvenate and relax. It’s what you’ve been working for and dreaming of all these months. Time to get out there and enjoy it.

The one problem is, so many of us tend to make unhealthy decisions during our vacations. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t cut loose and savor the experience to the fullest – but when we’re not feeling the best, it’s hard to take full advantage of being away on holidays. If you want to stay healthier during your trip, whether it’s a full month abroad or a long weekend in paradise, here are three simple tips to remember.

1. Drink plenty of water

Travel, especially in the air, can leave people dehydrated. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking a proactive approach to hydration during your vacation can give you a lot more energy to enjoy the experience! Most of us don’t drink enough water during our normal daily routines, to say nothing of vacation. But drinking plenty of water is one that that everyone – from alternative wellness practitioners to medical doctors – can agree on. We feel better, live better, and sleep better when we drink enough water. Your vacation is all about savoring the experience – so give yourself the gift of hydration!

2. Get daily exercise

Even a dedicated twenty minute workout each morning can really set the mood and lift your spirits for the entire day. It’s a good investment, considering all the energy you’re going to need. The irony is that even relaxing will be more fun and more restorative if you get some exercise each day and keep your body active – especially after all that amazing cuisine you’ve been tasting!

3. Visit a chiropractor or massage therapist

If you’ve never had a therapeutic massage on vacation, maybe it’s time you gave it a try! A lot of people enjoy having this relaxing, healing experience during their travels – it deepens your sense of serenity and calm, and leaves your body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. In the case of a chiropractor, you probably only want to visit one if you regularly see a chiropractor back home, and feel like you need an adjustment while on vacation. If you’ve developed a sudden issue with back pain, it’s a good idea to visit an osteopath to rule out any serious illness. Chiropractics does, however, specialize in treating the underlying causes of back pain by correcting spinal imbalances that affect the nervous system.

How to find wellness professionals on the road

Whether you’re looking for a doctor of chiropractic, a massage therapist, or a more alternative healer like an acupuncturist, knowing how to find the best professionals in your area can be a great skill to have on the road. There are many types of treatment that can be refreshing and rejuvenating during a vacation – but even if you don’t visit a therapist, and follow the other advice given here, you should have a much healthier and happier experience during your vacation!