When Should I Seek Chiropractic Care? Three Common Scenarios

The body is an amazing machine, but being physically active will almost certainly lead to some kind of bodily stress or injury over time. Thankfully, the body is adept at recovering from most injuries without any help. Rest is often enough to solve the problem, whether it’s a pinched nerve or a sprained ankle. Other […]

Is Your Office Job Affecting Your Spine?

When you think of the world’s most hazardous jobs, you probably think of coal miners, race car drivers, construction workers, or those brave professionals who wash windows high up on skyscrapers. The world is full of dangerous jobs; that’s why workers compensation is such a huge industry in America and throughout the world. People need […]

Five Things You Should Tell Your Massage Therapist

People often treat professional massage as a reward for a job well done, or a way to unwind on vacation. These are great uses for the practice of massage, but they aren’t the only uses. Many people are discovering the deeper health benefits of regular, therapeutic massage. Whether it’s recovering from physical trauma or preventing […]

Chiropractics and Acupuncture: Are They in the Same League?

Most people are curious about ways to expand their health and wellness strategies beyond regular checkups with the family doctor, and even things like diet and exercise. These are, of course, crucial aspects of health and wellbeing today. But there is much to be gained from broadening your horizons and seeking input from other healthcare […]

Three Common Complaints Against Chiropractors

Even though the medical benefits of chiropractic care are well-documented (and the evidence is growing every year), people still want to make an intelligent choice when it comes down to choosing a practitioner. It’s the same with any type of medical, nutritional or wellness treatment. There are so many options out there, so many care […]

Online Chiropractic Reviews: How They Work in Your Favor

When you find yourself in need of a new type of medical treatment, nutritional plan, or wellness technique, you’re often faced with information overload. There are so many different opinions out there, and you want to treat your body right. When it comes to something as sensitive as your spine and nervous system, you want […]

If You Play Any of These Sports, You Might Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Playing sports is one the healthiest, most exciting ways to stay active during Summer—or any season, for that matter. Just ask the large percentage of people worldwide who play at least one sport on a regular basis—they’ll tell you about the physical, mental and often social benefits of taking up a sport, whether it involves […]

How to Avoid Back Pain During Summer

For most people, the summer months represent the most physically active time of the year. Depending on where you live, this may be the only time when the weather is consistently warm and dry. There’s hiking, climbing, waterskiing, swimming, golfing, tennis, and numerous other possibilities to consider. That’s why people often wish summer was quite […]