Can Chiropractic Treatment Enhance Athletic Performance?

Many of the top professional athletes these days – whether it’s tennis, golf, football, soccer, skiing, or any number of other sports – are in fantastic shape. When you watch these athletes perform, you think about all the nutritional guidance, fitness regimens, personal trainers and medical staff who do everything they can to optimize performance and minimize the chances of injury.

There’s another big addition to this professional sports staff, and that’s the doctor of chiropractic. These professionals are highly sought after in the world of professional sports. Why? Because they can effect meaningful pain relief, spinal balance, increased range of motion, and better overall performance – without using drugs, needles or surgery.

Granted, there are situations in professional sports where drugs and surgery are necessary to heal an injury. But the chiropractor is really there for three reasons: to optimize wellbeing and performance, 2) to prevent injuries, and 3) to speed up recovery for existing injuries.

But how exactly are these things done?

The first thing to realize is that most sports are totally reliant on healthy joints. Anything you care to mention – throwing, catching, serving, swinging, running – involves one or more moving joints. Sometimes these motions put a lot of stress on joints, and are repetitive. Rehabilitating sore joints, and stopping little problems from becoming big ones, is a huge part of what the team chiropractor does. But when a professional athlete does have an injury, the chiropractor can also use techniques to shorten recovery times, and ensure that a more complete recovery is realized.

The most important joints in the body are of course the spinal joints, and when these are imbalanced or injured in any way, the effects on the rest of the body can be significant and far-reaching. By keeping the spine aligned and balanced, chiropractors are a hugely useful preventative tool for professional sports teams and individual athletes alike. Almost all sports injuries involves joints, bones, muscles and tendons. Chiropractics is naturally suited to have beneficial effects on all of these vital areas.

To say that an athlete’s performance can be enhanced by chiropractics may not be entire accurate. It’s always the athletes own skill and drive that determines their performance. What chiropractics can do is keep them feeling their best, so that higher levels of performance become available to them through training and effort.

Everyone’s a winner

When chiropractic care is done right, by a highly experienced doctor of chiropractic with a strong track record, there are any number of ailments and conditions that can be alleviated. It’s a drug free, surgery free method of treatment, and it seeks to address underlying nervous imbalances in the spine – not only to clear up back pain and bring the spine back to optimal health, but to increase overall health and wellbeing. Chiropractic treatment may not work the same way for every athlete in every sport, but there’s a good reason why so many professional sports teams keep a professional chiropractor on staff – it consistently has a positive impact on athletic performance.