Can Chiropractic Treatment Really Help Foot and Ankle Problems?

When you think about chiropractic treatment, you probably think about back problems. There’s a good reason for this. The majority of people who seek help from a chiropractor, do so because of chronic pain and/or stiffness along the spine. Indeed, chiropractic treatment centers on this part of the body, so it makes sense that there would be a strong association.

How exactly do chiropractors treat back problems? Mainly through specific and subtle adjustments to the spine itself, also known as subluxations. The aim of chiropractics is to correct imbalances in the spine that are leading to other problems in the body, and thereby eliminate symptoms and improve overall wellbeing without the need for drugs or surgery.

But is chiropractic treatment really limited to the back, or can other parts of the body receive benefits as well? What about feet and ankles, for example? A huge number of Americans have foot and ankle pain of one kind or another. Could it be possible that chiropractic treatment would alleviate symptoms in this part of the body? How could spinal adjustments actually restore balance to the feet and ankles?

These are all great questions, and since chiropractic treatment can help restore the feet and ankles, it’s important to understand how and why.

If it’s a joint, your chiropractor may be able to treat it

Chiropractors are experts in manipulating joints and correcting imbalances there. Of course, the spine is the most important set of joints, and adjustments here can make a difference in virtually every aspect of health. But the feet and ankles also contain many joints, and chiropractors can perform subluxations or adjustments directly on the feet and ankles. Ankles in particular are can often be quickly and easily adjusted by a professional chiropractor, with results that are sometimes instantaneous.

Depending on your exact symptoms, spinal manipulations may also be a viable way to treat your ankle pain.

If the pain is in your foot (not your ankle), it’s really important to keep in mind that reputable chiropractors will not try and convince you that all your problems can be solved with one or more chiropractic treatments. The best practitioners want to be an integrated part of your overall wellness plan, and if they don’t think chiropractic treatment will help your foot problem, they’ll encourage you to visit a podiatrist or orthopedist in order to get closer to a solution. The foot is an amazing thing, and there are countless little joints in the feet that work together. Various imbalances are possible, leading to chronic foot pain and/or stiffness. If you experience these symptoms, a chiropractor may be able to help assess the situation — but reputable practitioners will always be realistic about what they can and cannot treat, and what kind of results you can and cannot expect.

Seeing a chiropractor for your foot and ankle pain (especially ankle pain) is a real option, and the results can be surprising. Make sure you find a reputable practitioner in your area who has consistently high review scores with past patient, and will give you the straightforward information you need to move forward with your treatment plan.