Can Pregnant Women Receive Chiropractic Care?

Every year, more and more evidence appears in favor of the wellness benefits of chiropractic care. Medical institutions as prestigious as the Mayo Clinic maintain informational web pages on how chiropractics can help people. So many of the treatments we’ve come to expect from modern medicine involve pharmaceutics and/or surgery – and while these obviously have their place, a healing modality that avoids drugs and surgery is always preferred. It’s also worth noting that many instances of chronic back pain are not easily treated through surgery.

But people who have never tried chiropractic treatments, and even people who have, are still apprehensive about seeking treatment in certain situations. Pregnancy is a great example. As a pregnant woman, you don’t want to do anything that could have adverse effects on your health, or the health of your child.

At the same time, back pain (especially lower back pain) is a real issue for a lot of pregnant women. As the pregnancy progresses and the baby grows, pressure on the lower back increases, and solutions for lower back pain are sorely needed.

The question is: Can pregnancy women receive chiropractic care? And the answer is yes, in many cases. In fact, high numbers of pregnant women have found significant relieve from pregnancy-related back and joint pain through working with a qualified chiropractor.

It’s important to remember that pregnant women do not receive the same type of analysis or treatment as other patients. Any reputable and certified chiropractor will have specific, in-depth training in chiropractic techniques for pregnant women. Specific adjustments can be used to help align the patient’s spine and reduce pressure on key areas.

The Webster Technique is something that all pregnant women who are interested in chiropractic treatment should know about. This special type of adjustment has proven very effective at reducing pain and pressure on the uterus and surrounding areas. It has also proven instrumental in helping the unborn child achieve the best possible position prior to birth.

All in all, chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective way for pregnant mothers to improve their spinal alignment and address common issues of pain and stiffness during pregnancy – but it’s important to make sure your chiropractor is properly qualified to administer these treatments, and has a wealth of experience doing so. Pregnancy is an exciting and important life event, and the decision you make can have direct effects on the health of your unborn child. That’s why it’s so important to proceed with care and research your options carefully.

Don’t just go to any chiropractor

There are a lot of chiropractors out there, and not all of them deliver the same quality of service. Any practicing chiropractor should be properly certified and licensed, and will have completed a doctor of chiropractic program. However, as with any health-related professional, some practitioners are more skilled and dedicated than others. As a pregnant women, chiropractic care can help – but you’ll only want to put yourself and your baby in the hands of an experienced and reputable chiropractor.