Can Chiropractic Treatment Enhance Athletic Performance?

Many of the top professional athletes these days – whether it’s tennis, golf, football, soccer, skiing, or any number of other sports – are in fantastic shape. When you watch these athletes perform, you think about all the nutritional guidance, fitness regimens, personal trainers and medical staff who do everything they can to optimize performance […]

Pain in the Jaw: Could Spinal Adjustments Help?

Chiropractors have helped countless patients recover from chronic back and neck pain — especially in recent years, as the benefits of chiropractic care have come to greater attention. Chiropractors may be misunderstood in some ways, but make no mistake — they’re highly trained, and the skills they possess can offer drug-free, surgery-free relief for a […]

Should I Do “Chiropractic Adjustments” On Myself?

There’s a question that regularly finds its way into chiropractic offices all across the world. The vast majority of chiropractors will answer this question not once or twice, but countless times throughout their career. The question is: “Can I do chiropractic adjustments on myself?” It’s only natural for people to wonder. After all, most of […]

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Bring Instant Relief?

Back pain, joint pain, and other musculoskeletal symptoms are a big deal in the world today. Many people have physically demanding jobs that put them under constant strain. Others have administrative and office jobs that require hours and hours of sitting every day, which leads to all sorts of spinal complication. The result: Millions of […]

Why Do Chiropractic Adjustments Make a Sound?

Whether or not you’ve ever had an adjustment by a qualified chiropractor, you’re probably familiar with the cracking and popping sounds that happen along the spinal column and joints throughout the body. For some people, these sounds can be unsettling and even alarming. After all, your neck and back are important, vulnerable parts of the […]