Do Chiropractic Adjustments Bring Instant Relief?

chiropractic-reliefBack pain, joint pain, and other musculoskeletal symptoms are a big deal in the world today. Many people have physically demanding jobs that put them under constant strain. Others have administrative and office jobs that require hours and hours of sitting every day, which leads to all sorts of spinal complication.

The result: Millions of people are suffering from many different types of pain, and they’re looking for answers. Pain relieving drugs may bring temporary relief, but they don’t solve the underlying problem. Surgery may be an option, but it’s expensive and invasive — and often times it still doesn’t resolve the issue.

Chiropractics is a form of treatment that comes up again and again in conversations about back pain. People want to know if it really works, and whether it will have lasting effects. Another question people commonly ask is whether chiropractic treatment will bring them instant pain relief.

So what’s the answer? After all, if people can achieve instant pain relief through chiropractics, why wouldn’t they try it?

As any medical professional will tell you, no two cases are exactly a like. But if you read client reviews and talk to people who visit the chiropractic office, you’ll find that many of them do experience some degree of immediate relief. This depends, of course, on what sort of spinal misalignments they may have had, and what type of adjustments are performed to correct them.

Some degree of instant pain relief is possible with chiropractic treatment, but it’s certainly not guaranteed or expected. As with any meaningful treatment, recovery takes time. Many of the underlying causes of musculoskeletal disorders are built up over time as a result of bad habits, and lifestyle changes may be necessary to bring out permanent healing and lasting changes — even if the adjustments themselves provide relief for a period of time.

Should I expect immediate pain relief?

The bottom line is that you should never trust a chiropractor who promises instant relief and immediate resolution to your physical symptoms. This is a sure sign that you’re dealing with somebody less than reputable. All medical and wellness professions have people and practitioners who aren’t as good as others, and chiropractics is no exception to that rule.

Fortunately, there are many first class chiropractors out there who set realistic expectations and are very effective at bringing about lasting relief. It’s worth noting that reputable chiropractors are people with extremely high qualifications. Their focus is always going to be on your overall health and wellness, rather than a “quick fix” that takes care of symptoms immediately. An effective course of treatment often involves multiple visits. Supplemental treatments like therapeutic massage and nutritional guidance are further signs of a highly reputable practitioner who is dedicated to helping you achieve real results, rather than making reckless promises and failing to deliver.

Chiropractic treatment may or may not result in immediate pain relief — but if it does, it’s still only the beginning. The important question is: Does chiropractics bring long term relief. If you work with someone reputable, the answer is very likely to be yes.