Chiropractic Care for Children and Babies: 5 Things You Should Know

As a wellness practices, chiropractic care is often misunderstood. In general, anything related to manipulating the spine makes people nervous. The idea of chiropractic care for children and infants is even more nerve wracking.

But for those in the know, chiropractic care for children isn’t a crazy idea at all. Kids and infants can be just as prone to spinal misalignment as adults, and can thus benefit from chiropractic treatment. But before you make an appointment for your child, there are a few things you should know.

Post Delivery Care

Let’s face it, not every delivery is cakewalk. Depending on the position your baby was in during delivery, it can increase the likelihood of spinal misalignment at birth. A particularly common cause for chiropractic need is if forceps were used during delivery. Forceps are most often used when a baby is in a particularly rotated position, which is more associated with spinal misalignment post-delivery.

Medication-free Relief

Parents are often wary about giving their children prescription painkillers or antibiotics — and for good reason. The more natural the treatment, the better – especially when kids are involved. If a child or baby is suffering from pain or is diagnosed with a spinal misalignment, chiropractic care can provide relief without the need of prescription drugs. This is a huge benefit to chiropractic treatment for infants and children.

Identifying Spinal Problems

So just how should you know if your child might benefit from chiropractic care? The most common signs involve difficulty sleeping or changes in sleeping patterns, restricted head or neck movement, or a visible disparity in shoulder height. In infants, an inability to breastfeed is often associated with a need for spinal adjustments. There are also many reported cases of issues such as chronic earaches, colic, or asthma being treated by chiropractic care. If in doubt, check with your child’s primary care physician.

Experience Matters

Chiropractors definitely use a different approach when performing a diagnosis or alignment for a baby than they would for a fully-grown adult. There is also special equipment that needs to be used with children and babies. For this reason, experience matters. You want to find a chiropractor that is qualified and specifically experienced in working with children. Having trust and confidence in the skill and training of your chiropractor is a must.

Finding a Qualified Chiropractic Specialist

If your child might be in need of a chiropractor a good place to start is with a primary care physician. A doctor that knows your child well will be able to advise if chiropractic care makes sense. Additionally, a primary care physician will be able to recommend an estimable chiropractor that is likely covered by your insurance plan.

Once you have a few options, it’s fine to phone their office and ask some questions. What experience does the chiropractor have working with children this age or with similar conditions? What is his or her philosophy towards chiropractic care? Taking the time to gather all the information you need will allow you to rest at ease that your child is in good hands.