Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Children?

Parents make a lot of different choices on behalf of their children, and it isn’t always easy. There are so many different choices out there, especially in terms of health and wellness. You don’t want to be overprotective and prevent your child from getting valuable treatment that may really work. At the same time, you don’t want to subject your child to any kind of medical treatment that could be dangerous or counterproductive.

Chiropractic care is one of those areas where parents have a lot of questions – and rightfully so. The spine is one of the most sensitive (and important) areas of the human body, and since bone matter is softer and more vulnerable in children, it stands to reason that chiropractic adjustments would be more dangerous. Besides, why would chiropractic treatment be necessary for a child? Isn’t it mainly for adults who may have been injured in car accident, or have developed back problems as a result of years of bad posture?

First, let’s consider the possible reasons for pediatric chiropractic treatment. It’s a misconception that chiropractics only treats back and neck pain in adults — this goes for children as well. Since the spinal column is intricately connected with virtually every other part of the body, chiropractic adjustments can have any number of positive effects, from reducing asthmatic symptoms to resolving chronic ear infections. When the spine and joints are brought into alignment, it’s not uncommon for seemingly unrelated issues and illnesses to get better or resolve completely.

Correcting musculoskeletal imbalances at an early age is also a very effective way to avoid persistent and worsening problems over time. Many children are born with irregularities in the way their bones are aligned. A skilled chiropractor can make gentle corrections that may last a lifetime.

Parents of children with special needs often include chiropractic treatment in their child’s health and wellness strategy. While there is no proof that chiropractic treatment can improve or cure any specific physiological condition, restoring the nervous system to its full and proper function can improve general health and well-being for children of all abilities.

What about safety?

Chiropractic treatment is very safe for children – provided the chiropractor is qualified, reputable, and experienced in treating children. Since the bodies of children are more supple, and their joints are not fully formed, chiropractic adjustments need to be softer and more shallow. A doctor of chiropractic fully understands the differences between treating adults and children, and will be able to explain those differences very clearly to concerned parents. The important thing here is to find an experienced and upstanding chiropractor who regularly treats children.

Gaining ground

The reality is that more and more chiropractic centers dedicated solely to children are popping up all around the world. This speaks to a growing need for holistic and preventative treatments. It also confirms that chiropractic treatment for children is indeed safe — as long as it’s carried out by a qualified doctor of chiropractic who can understand and speak directly to concerned parents.