Should You Look for a New Chiropractor? How to Tell

Familiarity is a good thing when it comes to medical and wellness practitioners. Most of us would rather schedule an appointment with a professional we’ve seen before – someone with whom we’ve developed a rapport – rather than schedule an appointment with a complete stranger. That sense of familiarity and trust can only be developed over time, and it can make your appointment a lot less stressful.

Chiropractic care is a great example of this. A trained and professional chiropractor uses gentle adjustments to correct imbalances in the spine and other joints throughout the body – but these are very sensitive areas. Finding a practitioner you can really trust is a great asset. This is a person who will have a working knowledge of any aspects your medical history you wish to share, and will definitely know about issues you’re trying to work through with chiropractic treatment. Familiarity can be really valuable in this setting.

But familiarity can also be a barrier to receiving better, more professional treatment. There are plenty of situations where people grow accustomed to working with a particular chiropractor, and they want to keep visiting the same practitioner – even if they may not be getting the best possible results.

So how do you know it’s time to switch chiropractors? There may not be any definitive answer, but there are a few red flags to consider.

1. You aren’t getting relief, or your symptoms are getting worse

It can be normal to feel some aching after certain adjustments; relief is not always immediate. But the pain should subside quickly, and you should notice steadily improvement in your day-to-day functioning. If you keep having the same symptoms and aren’t noticing any real improvement, the time to visit a different chiropractor may have arrived.

2. You see recent negative or neutral reviews about the practitioner

Even the best practitioners will have a neutral or even negative review now and then – this is true with any kind of medical professional. But a pattern of bad reviews is a signal that your own review would probably be similar!

3. The practitioner’s office is in disarray

When a chiropractor isn’t at the top of his or her game, it often shows in the office surroundings. You may not have noticed it at first, but as you look around while waiting for your session to begin, what do you see? Is the office clean, organized, bright, and professionally managed? Or is it in disarray? Is the receptionist and/or support staff helpful and friendly, or do they seem disinterested? All of these could be signs that it’s time to move on to a different chiropractic office.

Finding a better chiropractor

Like any wellness or medical practitioner, including medical doctors, there are really good ones and there are not-so-good ones. The standards of licensing and accreditation are universal, and very important – but even then, there are schools and academies with different reputations and standards. A great deal also depends on the individual’s personality, and their philosophy about continuing to learn and study throughout their career. Follow the trail of good reviews and highly informative web sites – this is a good place to start your journey of finding a better chiropractic professional.