Pregnant Women / Babies and Children

Women go to great lengths to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy, for their babies as well as themselves. These are, after all, nine of the most important months of a woman’s life. It makes sense that people are always looking for ways to make pregnancy a happier, healthier experience for mother and child.

The problem is, there’s so much different information out there. Every day you hear about a new technique, dietary fad, or exercise regimen that’s “guaranteed” to make your pregnancy a healthier one. Some of this information is conflicting. It’s hard to know what to take seriously and what to ignore.

Whether or not you’ve actually been through a pregnancy, chiropractic treatment for pregnant mothers is probably something you’ve heard about or considered. That’s because countless expecting mothers have sought chiropractic treatment during the course of their pregnancy, and have experienced meaningful benefits.

What pregnancy-related problems will chiropractics address?

As the baby grows, new types of strain are put on the mother’s body—particularly the spine, pelvis, and posture. Mothers in the latter stages of pregnancy often show a pronounced curve in the back, along with changes in the pelvis and difficulty maintaining good posture.

These issues are problematic for the mother, who may experience significant aches and pains. They’re also problematic for the baby. In particular, pelvic alignment problems can restrict the space available to the baby (intrauterine constraint) and make it harder for the baby to find the optimum position for labor and birth. The greater the complications in this area, the lesser the chances that the mother will experience a natural, surgery-free birth.

The benefits of chiropractic care for pregnancy women and their children

The American Pregnancy Association confirms that chiropractic care has a long list of documented benefits for expecting mothers. With treatment from an experienced chiropractor, bouts of nausea can be reduced, labor and delivery time can be minimized, and those aches/pains (particularly in the back, shoulders and neck) can be relieved to a great extent.

How is this achieved?

All trained chiropractors receive in-depth training on the treatment of pregnant women, and have detailed knowledge about movements and adjustments that bring greater alignment and balance to the spinal and pelvic areas.

In particular, pregnant women should know about the Webster Technique. This is a special type of analysis, and a specific type of adjustment, that allows chiropractors to significantly reduce the amount of strain being put on a pregnant women’s uterus and the areas supporting it.

Medical research has shown the Webster Technique (which is administered during the late stages of pregnancy) to be extremely effective in helping the unborn fetus to move into an optimal birthing position. There are many other chiropractic adjustments for pregnant women that are designed to relieve pain, improve overall skeletal alignment during pregnancy, and lead to a healthier overall term of pregnancy.

Is chiropractic treatment safe for pregnant women?

Expecting mothers are absolutely right to be concerned about the safety of chiropractic treatment. The last thing any mother wants is for the treatment itself to put the health and/or safety of their developing child at risk.

When treatment is administered by a qualified DC (doctor of chiropractic) with an upstanding reputation, and plenty of experience treating pregnancy women, chiropractics is very safe during pregnancy. That being said, it’s best to talk to your doctors about chiropractic care. Make sure everybody knows you are incorporating this form of treatment into your pregnancy. In most cases, obstetricians recognize the benefits of chiropractic treatment for pregnancy women, and are able to recommend a qualified professional for your treatment.

Maintaining an open and honest dialogue with your doctor, chiropractor, and all of the professionals and helpers involved in your pregnancy will help ensure the safest and most natural experience for you and your unborn child.