Massage Therapy

Rubbing aching muscles is natural and instinctive. Massage therapists utilize a variety of methods to elicit a positive response from the human body, mind and spirit.

Massage improves circulation, joint range of motion, and flexibility while reducing many common physical and mental problems such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains, even anxiety and depression. Massage therapy relieves stress. It helps to mediate the bodies’ stress response by lowering cortisol levels and other stress hormones. Some research shows Massage therapy also enhances the immune system. Massage therapy is a natural approach to wellness that has been used and expanded upon for centuries, all over the world.

Why would a person want to receive massage therapy?

  • Back pain
  • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis
  • Stress relief and stress related conditions
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle pain and related conditions such as spasms, strains and sprains
  • Repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Post-injury and post surgical rehabilitation

What can I expect at my massage therapy appointment?

A full body massage is usually performed by working from one end of the body to the other. Please let your masseur know if you are uncomfortable with the pressure, technique, oil, music or anything else. Your feedback is important and allows you to have the best experience possible. The top sheet will be removed from isolated areas of your body that are being worked on while the rest of your body is kept discreetly covered and warm during your massage.

Will massage therapy be painful?

Massage therapy should be enjoyable and not hurt. Sometimes there is mild aching when the massage therapist applies pressure over knots and other areas of your body that are experiencing muscle tension. If the pressure is too strong for you, let the masseur know and they will adjust the pressure accordingly.

How will I feel after a massage?

In our experience, most people feel calm and relaxed after a massage therapy treatment. Occasionally, people experience a temporary and mild soreness for a day or so. We find it helpful if you prepare by drinking extra water the day before, the day of your massage and the day after your massage. This extra hydration prepares your body’s tissue to release toxins and recover quickly.