If You Play Any of These Sports, You Might Benefit from Chiropractic Care

sports injuryPlaying sports is one the healthiest, most exciting ways to stay active during Summer—or any season, for that matter. Just ask the large percentage of people worldwide who play at least one sport on a regular basis—they’ll tell you about the physical, mental and often social benefits of taking up a sport, whether it involves competing with yourself or engaging in friendly competition with others. Sports are a great way to take the monotony out of exercising, stay in great shape, and challenge ourselves to excel in other areas of life.

Unfortunately, sports are also a common way to get injured. Sometimes the injury is sudden and obvious, as in a sprained ankle. In other cases, physical stress can build up over time and lead to chronic symptoms or ailments. Either way, many sports enthusiasts are looking for ways to relieve symptoms, increase circulation, and restore the body—both to fell better, and to achieve better results in workouts and sports performance.

Chiropractic care is an area of sports therapy from which many people benefit every year—but it’s also an area that many people never really consider. Many professional sports teams and elite athletes have a highly qualified chiropractor on staff, and it’s obvious there is a strong benefit at high levels of competition. But does the ordinary athlete really need care from a qualified chiropractor? Would the benefits be worthwhile?

The answer is often yes—however, it may depend on what sport you play. People who play the following sports are found more commonly in chiropractic offices.

Baseball, Tennis and Golf

All of these sports require high velocity mechanics of the arm, elbow and spine in order to optimize performance. This repetition can (and does) often lead to misalignments and problems in the spine. Over time, these problems can limit range of motion, which has real effects on both performance and health. Chiropractic care can help athletes stay ahead of these problems by correcting the spine and focusing on overall wellness.

Hockey, Football and Rugby

Contact sports like these have a strong tendency to leave athletes injured or strained. The wrong type of collision can have lasting effects on physical health, to say nothing of performance on the field or rink. Chiropractic care represents a holistic approach to staying healthy and aligned, whether it’s competition or recreational play.

Volleyball, Track & Field, and Soccer

These sports involve a high amount of energy, speed and effort. Often times, the body sustains subtle or obvious stresses during competition. It might not be obvious at first, but these stresses can build up and led to chronic problems in the spine and neck. Chiropractic adjustments, administered by a qualified care professional, can stop small problems from becoming big ones for volleyballers, runners, hurdlers and soccer players.

Countless Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Athletes who play these sports are more likely to report meaningful relief and tangible benefits as a result of expert chiropractic care. Often times, a care center will offer other services such as massage therapy in addition to chiropractics, providing a more holistic approach to overall physical health. Statistics show that it doesn’t matter if athletes casual, amateur, or even professional—chiropractic care has lasting benefits.