When Should I Seek Chiropractic Care? Three Common Scenarios

chiropractic-care1The body is an amazing machine, but being physically active will almost certainly lead to some kind of bodily stress or injury over time. Thankfully, the body is adept at recovering from most injuries without any help. Rest is often enough to solve the problem, whether it’s a pinched nerve or a sprained ankle.

Other injuries have lasting effects, requiring medical treatment and/or physical therapy. Usually people think of family doctors and urgent care centers, and it’s true that these are important resources. But some injuries are less than obvious; for example, back pain that comes from sitting at a desk all day. Whatever their reasons, more Americans are beginning to incorporate chiropractic care into their health and wellness regimens.

What about evidence? The fact is, numerous studies and surveys demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic care in reducing pain and assisting recovery from a number of common injuries. Other sources question the value of this practice, even though millions of patients report meaningful benefits.

If you’ve never considered chiropractic care, you might be wondering when and why people seek chiropractic treatment. Here are three of the most common scenarios.

“My back/neck hurts”

Many people seek help from a chiropractor because they suffer from debilitating back or neck pain. Sometimes there’s a clear reason for the pain and sometimes there isn’t; either way, it effects the patient’s quality of life. Chiropractic treatment can help in two ways. First, it can provide lasting relief by correcting problems that have developed the spine, whether due to injury or poor posture. Second, it can increase the patient’s overall awareness of bodily health, including nutritional and posture issues that lead to pain.

“I’ve been injured in a car accident”

Cars have become safer in recent decades, but accidents are still commonplace. Around 2.5 million Americans visit the ER every year due to car accidents. Millions more sustain minor injuries that can linger for years if not properly treated. Here’s where a highly trained chiropractor comes in handy: Car accident victims with lingering symptoms are often amazed by the progress they make when the right spinal adjustments are made.

“I want to perform better on the court/field/track”

Physical limitations often increase with age, stress, or incorrect usage of the body. People often find that their ability to play sports begins to wane over time, and they don’t seem to have that same competitive edge. In many cases, spinal adjustments can make a huge difference. There’s a reason why the majority of professional sports teams in the United States have chiropractors on staff to ensure peak athletic performance. All the better if you can find a chiropractor who also has expertise in nutritional, massage therapy, and overall wellness.

Thinking differently about your health

There are many different scenarios in which you might seek the help of a chiropractor. Whatever your scenario may be, one thing’s for sure: You want to find someone who is experienced, someone who listens, and someone who is trained to the highest professional standard. This may require a bit more research up front, but your chances of finding immediate relief (and long-term benefits) will increase dramatically.