Should I Do “Chiropractic Adjustments” On Myself?

chiropractic-adjustmentThere’s a question that regularly finds its way into chiropractic offices all across the world. The vast majority of chiropractors will answer this question not once or twice, but countless times throughout their career.

The question is: “Can I do chiropractic adjustments on myself?”

It’s only natural for people to wonder. After all, most of us have experienced that “clicking” or “cracking” sound in a spontaneous way. Sometimes happens when we stand up from a seated position, or twist the spine in a certain way. We think to ourselves, was that the same thing as a chiropractic adjustment? Is there any way I can replicate it and make my own ‘adjustments’? Why see a chiropractor at all when I can do this myself?

The honest truth, as any medical professional will surely tell you, is that setting out to make your own chiropractic “adjustments” is generally not a good idea. Stretching? Sure. Athletic exercise? Absolutely! But specifically attempting to perform spinal adjustments is far more likely to cause problems than bring solutions.

Chiropractors are not simply looking to get that “cracking” sound out of you. A loud “pop” may give the impression that something important has been done, but that sound is less meaningful than people think. It’s actually caused by gas escaping the joints — not by the joints themselves popping back into position.

When a good chiropractor makes a quality adjustment to the spine or other part of the body, you may or may not hear a sound. The chiropractor will be able to determine (by touch) whether the adjustment was successful, but this is only possible due to years and years of hard training and practical discipline. It’s also possible because the condition of the body was carefully assessed before the adjustment was made.

The average person has insufficient knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to perform these kinds of adjustments. They won’t be able to assess which vertebrae or joint is out of place — much less decide which type of movement or technique will be necessary in order to correct the problem.

It’s very telling that almost all reputable chiropractors have their own chiropractors.

In other words, even though chiropractors do have the proper training and qualifications to make spinal adjustments, they don’t attempt to make such adjustments on themselves. This work is left to other chiropractors who can perform the work with proper leverage, skill and precision.

The best adjustment you can hope for

When it comes to making your own chiropractic adjustments, the very best thing you can do is make adjustments to your overall health and wellness. Improve your diet, get more exercise, and perhaps most important from a strictly spinal perspective, improve your sitting posture! These are the adjustments you can take control of in your daily life, and make no mistake — they will make a huge difference.

Expert adjustments to correct and improve your spinal alignment can also have a profound impact — but your spine is delicate, and these adjustments are best left to people who have been through years of standardized training.