Three Common Complaints Against Chiropractors

chiro-complaintsEven though the medical benefits of chiropractic care are well-documented (and the evidence is growing every year), people still want to make an intelligent choice when it comes down to choosing a practitioner. It’s the same with any type of medical, nutritional or wellness treatment. There are so many options out there, so many care providers, and you want to find someone you can trust. You want a practitioner who not only delivers the highest standard of care, but makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in the process.

Beyond this, you want someone who is going to have your overall wellbeing in mind, and will help you establish a wellness strategy that works. After all, you’re trusting a professional to make delicate adjustment to your spine, which is one of the most sensitive areas of your body.

There are millions of satisfied chiropractic patients every year, and many of them are very happy with the practitioner they’ve chosen. The fruits of their chiropractic sessions have been long-term relief of symptoms and overall health improvements.

On the other hand, there are experiences that aren’t totally positive. In these cases, patients have unresolved complaints and issues with the chiropractic treatment they received, and often their best recourse is to write their honest feedback in a public forum or social media outlet.

So what are the three most common complaints against chiropractors?

1. Not focused on long-term wellness

Some people feel their chiropractor was simply “going through the motions” of a treatment session, without offering guidance and insight for long-term health and wellness. Reputable practitioners will always place emphasis on creating a healthier you overall, rather than simply trying to sign you up for future treatments.

2. Didn’t have clear billing procedures

Aside from treatment, people are rightfully concerned about billing in chiropractics. When the front office doesn’t go the extra mile to make sure all insurance questions are answered and eligibilities are double-checked, or when fee structures are not made clear in the beginning, this leads to disputes down the line—and unhappy clients.

3. The facility was not professional

As highly trained practitioners of a respected wellness practice, chiropractors should put extra effort into creating a professional, clean, relaxing facility for clients to receive treatment. This doesn’t always happen, and in some cases, facilities do not even meet the local or state requirements.

Are you confident in your chiropractic care practitioner?

There are a lot of excellent chiropractic practitioners out there, but there are also those who haven’t done the best job of taking care of their clients. In order to make sure you settle in a reputable, qualified practitioner, it’s important to know what the common complaints are—and how to steer clear of them. That way you can be totally confident about adding chiropractic care to your overall wellness plan and receiving the amazing, documented benefits of chiropractic care.