Top Three Mistakes Made by Chiropractors

massage_wellnessIf you stop random people on the street and ask about their experiences with chiropractors, you’ll probably get a whole range of responses. Many people have never even been to a chiropractor, and they’ll only be able to tell you what they’ve heard. Others will tell you about the tangible benefits they’ve experienced, from pain relief to enhanced focus and higher energy levels. You’ll also hear from a few people who didn’t have very positive experiences at all, and believe that chiropractic care doesn’t really work.

This last group is much more likely to have encountered a chiropractor who made a significant mistake during the course of treatment. Let’s be clear: A truly experienced and qualified chiropractor will never make any of the following mistakes. But unfortunately, just like ordinary doctors, there are individuals out there who lack the ethics and/or the skill to deliver quality treatment to every single patient across the board.

Mistake #1: Not Asking Enough Questions

Chiropractic care involves specific adjustments to the spine in order to correct imbalances and restore greater health and function throughout the body. Knowing exactly what adjustments are called for requires skilled communication with the patient. In some cases, practitioners have failed to communicate properly with the patient and ask the right questions. This can lead to the wrong adjustments being made, and/or the correct adjustments being neglected. If your chiropractor gets straight to work without asking you detailed questions about why you’re seeking care, you may want to think about seeking care elsewhere.

Mistake #2: Billing and administrative errors

There’s nothing like visiting a chiropractic office and receiving care, only to find out later that your insurance was not accepted or that the cost of your treatment was much higher than your anticipated. With any chiropractic office, it’s important to be on the same page from day one. That means clearing up all doubts in terms of billing, rates, and insurance before you proceed with treatment. Your chiropractor should help make sure of this. The last thing you need when seeking treatment for a health condition is a wild card in terms of budgeting, finance or insurance. Upstanding chiropractic wellness centers are sufficiently organized to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Mistake #3: Not focussing on total wellbeing

The most skilled and qualified chiropractors out there are not merely trying to give immediate relief of symptoms. This often does happen, in certain medical situations—but the ultimate goal of the true chiropractor is total wellbeing and health. Everything from advice and suggestions to future appointments is informed by this. If your chiropractor does not seem to be interested in long term benefits, but only seeks to make immediate adjustments and does not offer any insight on nutrition or other forms of self-treatment, you’re probably better off looking for a more serious and talented professional—it’s just a question of knowing what qualities to look for.

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