4 Things to Look for in a Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment continues to surge in popularity across the U.S. and the world – but why is this? There are many reasons – but one of the most important is that chiropractic treatment does not involve pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgery. People are looking for more ways to stay naturally healthy, rather than getting ill and relying on invasive methods to treat illness. Chiropractic care makes use of the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and achieves this through natural adjustments to the spine and other joints that may be imbalanced.

Because of the popularity of chiropractic care – and because so many people have had good results and shared their stories – there are more chiropractic offices than ever. As a result, people have more choices. As you search for a new chiropractor, here are four things you definitely want to watch out for.

1. Communication

Being able to communicate effectively is a huge asset for any chiropractor, and some people are more gifted in this respect than others. A course of chiropractic treatment is all about communicating history, establishing goals, and building a good rapport. The spine is a sensitive area, and you need to feel great confidence in your chiropractor as the adjustments are made.

2. Years of experience

All licensed chiropractors have gone through years of rigorous education – as many post-graduate years as the average Medical Doctor, in fact – but not all of them have the same level of experience. You should be able to count on any licensed practitioner to provide effective treatments – but exceptional treatments are often a function of experience. The more years a chiropractor has under his or her belt, the more effective their treatments often become.

3. A pleasant setting

It helps to have a clean, pleasant, organized office with treatment rooms that are professional and relaxing. Not all chiropractic offices have this, but it’s important. As a patient, you need to feel relaxed and confident in the treatment process. This is difficult to accomplish when the office itself is disorganized, dirty, and/or unappealing. Most chiropractic offices will have online photographs of their offices and treatment rooms, so you can see for yourself. Visiting the office in person is another great way to decide whether or not it’s the right place for you.

4. Multi-disciplinary practice

Offering other professional wellness services, such as massage therapy or even acupuncture, doesn’t necessarily make a better chiropractor – but in some cases, it means the practitioner has more tools to enhance the wellbeing of clients. If you do come across a chiropractor that offers other services, be sure to ask about the training and experience he or she has accrued in each field. Often times, you’ll find highly-skilled chiropractors who are also deeply experienced in areas like massage therapy.

Finding the right chiropractor

There’s nothing wrong with visiting a few different chiropractic offices to get a sense of the different personalities and styles available. In general, people report having the best results when they establish a good comfort level with their doctor of chiropractic. That way they can know what to expect, and focus more on the treatments themselves.