4 Reasons to Start Seeing a Massage Therapist in 2019

Now that 2019 is here, a lot of people are working hard on keeping those tough New Year’s resolutions. Others have already moved on to plan B. Have you ever considered making a resolution you’re actually excited about keeping? For instance, you could resolve to start seeing a massage therapist regularly. It shouldn’t be too […]

3 Self Massage Techniques that Improve Health

When you think of therapeutic massage, what comes to mind? Chances are, you think of a nice relaxing room with a professional massage table, clean towels, dim lighting, relaxing music, various oils, and other massage-related tools (such as hot stones). These are important aspects of any professional treatment, as they provide both the aesthetic and […]

Does Massage Therapy Enhance Chiropractic Treatment?

If you’ve been suffering chronic pain or soreness in your back, or any other area of your body, getting relief is a top priority. Obviously, there are ways to get temporary relief — painkillers are the best example. All you have to do is take some medication (whether over-the-counter or prescribed) and the pain goes […]

Is Massage Therapy Good for Rehabilitation?

If you’ve been through any kind of physical trauma or injury that requires a period of rehabilitation or physical therapy, you might be wondering what your options are — and whether they’re all actually good for you. Going through an injury is a traumatic experience by definition, and depending on the nature of the injury, […]

4 Massage Techniques that Contribute to Overall Health

You’ve probably heard about different types of massage: Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, hot stone, Ayurvedic and many others. Some of these techniques are designed to be pleasurable and relaxing, while others focus more on restoring circulation and muscular function. People often wonder what type of massage they should go for — and in truth, this depends […]

Five Things You Should Tell Your Massage Therapist

People often treat professional massage as a reward for a job well done, or a way to unwind on vacation. These are great uses for the practice of massage, but they aren’t the only uses. Many people are discovering the deeper health benefits of regular, therapeutic massage. Whether it’s recovering from physical trauma or preventing […]