Painful Hands, Elbows, Knees, Arms, Feet, Shoulders, Wrists

When you think of visiting the chiropractor, you probably think about getting relief from back and neck pain. That’s what this type of treatment is known for. Chiropractors make adjustments to the back and neck, restoring the body’s natural alignment and relieving symptoms in those parts of the body.

What about other areas of the body? Aches and pains can happen anywhere, not just along the spinal column. Could visiting a chiropractor make a difference in these areas? If so, is there any proof to back it up?

The importance of the spine

The first thing to understand—and your chiropractor will probably tell you this—is that spinal alignment is integral to overall health and wellness. Because the spine and neck closely interwoven with the nervous system, disorders and misalignments in these crucial areas can lead to aches and pains almost anywhere in the body. Conversely, professional adjustments in these areas can alleviate a wide range of symptoms throughout the body.

Hands and wrists

These areas contain some of the most complex muscles and bones in the body, and are designed to perform complex movements. Hand and wrist pain can be more than just annoying—it can be seriously debilitating. There are many possible causes, from carpel tunnel syndrome to tendonitis, and it’s important to receive an accurate diagnosis ahead of any treatment. But chiropractics can offer solutions. Following a careful assessment of your health, a treatment plan can be laid out which includes direct chiropractic adjustments to hand and finger joints, splints, and heat/cold treatments.

Arms and elbows

There are many possible causes of pain or limited range of motion in the arms and elbows, including brachial plexopathy, tendinitis, problems in the joints, and others. Is it important to receive an accurate diagnosis from an orthopedic doctor? Definitely—however, many people are weary of the convention approach to arm and elbow pain, which often involves drugs and invasive surgery. Chiropractic treatment is a meaningful alternative. By addressing the underlying cause of the problem rather than treating symptoms, our practice can allow the body to heal itself.

Legs, knees and feet

Numbness, pain, tingling and weakness are common symptoms in the legs. But what’s the cause? There are many possibilities, but the Sciatica is always a prime candidate. This painful condition is the result of the sciatic nerves (which run down the back of your legs) being inflamed and compressed. The sciatic are, of course, connected to the base of the spinal column. Problems in the spinal column often lead to sciatica and can be relieved through spinal adjustments. Direct adjustments to the knees, ankles, and other joints in the leg can also be performed to address the underlying causes of your symptoms.


There are numerous reasons why shoulders could become a problematic area for you, if they aren’t already. From bursitis to “frozen shoulder” to tendinitis and dislocations, there are many things that go wrong in this area. Knowing exactly what’s behind your shoulder pain isn’t always easy, but a reputable chiropractor can help you make sense of your symptoms and find a healthy, natural way forward.

Eliminating symptoms like pain, swelling and numbness is important. Restoring full range of motion is crucial to maintaining your highest quality of life. Our treatment methods can bring natural healing to your shoulders through gentle manipulations to the joints, as well as professional massage therapy to improve circulation and overall shoulder stability.

Total holistic treatment

Chiropractic treatment is highly effective in the treatment back and neck pain, as millions of people can testify. But it’s really about overall health and wellness. Our practice centers around principles of correcting systemic imbalances and disorders that affect the whole body. This is best accomplished using a combination of practices that centers are chiropractics but also includes therapeutic massage, nutritional counseling, and a wealth of experience treating aches and pains throughout the body.