What Are My Options for Hand and Wrist Pain?

The statistics involving hand and wrist pain would be truly staggering if accurate research were done today. One of the main reasons for this is the prevalence of office jobs, where people do a lot of typing, writing, and other work with their hands. It’s not just about the movement of the fingers on the keyboard, either. A lot of people aren’t aware that the nerves and tendons in the hands are connected to the shoulders and neck. Holding chronic tensions in those areas of the body – which people often do after hours of deskwork – can affect the health of the hands and wrists as well.

Understanding some of the causes of chronic hand and wrist pain is important – and it’s certainly important to receive a medical diagnosis, if one is available. Seeing a specialist is a good first step if you’ve been suffering from chronic pain in these areas, and if you receive a diagnosis, it could be anything from tendonitis to carpel tunnel syndrome. In other cases, the reason for the pain is elusive. Whatever the diagnosis, people are often left with a simple question: What are my options for relieving the pain?

Surgery might be on the table for extreme cases, depending on the diagnosis and progression of the condition. But hand and wrist surgery is complex, and with highly varying results, and it’s possible to lose a certain degree of hand mobility. Of course, painkillers are another option that people often seek out – but the short-term relief is often not worth the long-term health effects of pharmaceuticals.

Aside from drugs and surgeries, where do you turn for the long-term resolution of painful symptoms in the hands or wrists? You may not have considered a chiropractor, but you definitely should. Skilled chiropractic care has helped improve the hand and wrist health of countless individuals, and you could be next.

So how exactly can your local chiropractor help with this area of the body? Isn’t chiropractics a healing art that focuses exclusively on the spine? Well, no – not exclusively. Although the spine is often treated, and is hugely important to overall health, chiropractors can work with joints all of the body, including the fingers, wrists and arms.

Treatments for hand and wrist pain will take place after a careful and detailed assessment of your symptoms and their history. Once you and your chiropractor have discussed and agreed on a treatment plan, you’ll begin the first treatment. You’ll probably notice that the chiropractor is performing adjustments to your hand and wrist directly, but also to your arms, elbows and spine – especially your cervical spine. This is not true in all cases, but it’s important to keep in mind that the source chronic hand and wrist pain could be an imbalance elsewhere, in an area connected to the hand.

Getting the true benefits of chiropractic treatment

When you see a skilled chiropractor for hand and wrist pain, you’re seeing an expert who has extensive knowledge of anatomy, biology, and the complex disorders that can develop around joints and tendons. It’s important to take your time and find a chiropractor who is experienced, reputable, and truly cares for their patients.